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St. Joris Keramische Industrie b.v.
St. Jorisstraat 54
5954 AP Beesel The Netherlands

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Tel: +31 77 4740100

St. Joris Keramische Industrie was founded in 1923. It is still nowadays a family owned business. Prior to that the factory made highly artistically designed ceramic materials. Throughout the years the craftsmen of St. Joris have made a major contribution to the world in which we live with artistic bricks, shapes and colours. Since the fifties St. Joris switched its focus to the professional development of glazed ceramic products.

The creative company culture has retained the freedom to think and act in forms and colours. Our artisans have worked in partnership with clients since the company’s foundation. We at St. Joris prefer to contribute to the process from the first technical drawing onwards with the architect, designer and planner. And we make each and every brick with devotion and craftsmanship.

The coarse ceramic, vacuum-pressed facing and hand form/moulding methods result in a high body density. After drying we apply the glaze on the green body of clay when this is done we fire the bricks once. This is called the single-firing process, the temperature of our Kilns are 1200 degrees this results in an extremely strong product in which the fragments and glaze are sintered. The clay composition, the shape of the products and the thickness of the glaze are constantly monitored during the production process. From standard bricks to profiled bricks and specials: the result is always the same: a high-crack resistant, completely coloured, scratch-free, colour-fast, top quality glazed brick! All steps of production we do by ourselves we even produce our own glaze, only the raw material/ powders we get delivered!

In our own Laboratory we develop new glazing’s possibility.

All our glazes we can produce on all the different types of products we produce. From the window sills to wall copings, extruder bricks, extruder brick-slips, extruder tiles, soft moulded bricks, tactile bricks, tactile brick-slips.

The bricks: extruder-/ , soft moulded-/ and tactile bricks we can produce up to a maximum size of 440mm!
The extruder bricks-slips and tiles: up to a length of 300mm with a maximum height of 150mm
The Tactile brick-slips possible in the standard: Dutch-/ Dik-/ and English size.