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Vandersanden NV
Riemsterweg 300
B-3740 Spouwen-Bilzen

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Vandersanden Group was established in Spouwen in 1925 by Jaak Vandersanden. The company owns and operates 2 plants in Belgium and 2 in the Netherlands. Vandersanden produces and sells worldwide a wide range of brick products such as handformed facing bricks, joint-free facing bricks, brick slips, special bricks and pavers.

The company is the largest family owned and managed brick company in Europe with an annual production capacity of nearly 500 mln bricks and pavers. Vandersanden Group offers brick products in various colours, shapes and textures to obtain an unrepeatable esthetic result for every project.

Based on a rich experience and knowledge in innovation Vandersanden Group is positioning itself as a real force for sustainable development and demonstrating its active concern for the environment. There is a continuous improvement and prevention of energy use.

Vandersanden is the member of Fédération Belge de la Brique and the KNB.