Micro House / Sense Group

Micro House / Sense Group

  • Micro House / Sense Group
  • Micro House / Sense Group
  • Micro House / Sense Group


MICRODOM grows out of the cultural landscape of the Pszczyna land.

The construction consists of two independent blocks:
1. The Tower, constituting a residential house and a place of family gatherings;
2. The Oxygen Garden, containing all the functions of the house.

The Tower

Living area is designed on a 7x7m square plan. The ground floor functions as a living area; on the first floor there is a parents' bedroom and a hobby studio for all family members. On the second floor, we will find a children's sleeping area with additional space for playing on the mezzanine. A garden with utility crops is planted on the roof of the building.

The inspiration for the form of the house is the tower of the now non-existing wooden church of St. Hedwig. Interiors are the etude of Silesia, based on the work of the Katowice artist Paweł Wróbel, who in his work presented paintings of the disappearing Silesia.

The Oxygen Garden

It is a place to grow plants that give oxygen and at the same time a space that can function as "home office". A place of work and contemplation among the greenery. The inspiration for the interior of the Oxygen Garden was the ocean and whales adored by all family members. Hence, the interior color scheme is maintained in black, dark blue, and sea green.

Brick Facades

Ten thousand recycled bricks will receive a second life creating the facades of the Microdom, which will be bricked by the whole family who will live in there in the future. Silesia is associated with bricks and simplicity of expression. Silesian bricks arranged in a modest natural pattern – herringbone, decorate the Microdom. Recycled bricks, due to their irregular shapes and texture, give the facades a special light-cut, which makes the façade a constantly changing picture.


The main accents of the façade of the Mikrodom are arched "WYSIADKI" - notched window nooks with a semicircular view of the garden and its small inhabitants (chickens, ducks). The prototypes of our window nooks are the characteristic semicircular entrances on both sides of the vestibule in the 19th-century huts dotted around the Pszczyna Land.

The Garden

The Microdom concept is aimed at creating a self-sufficient  micro-household, where the family will be able to fulfill most of their needs. The idea of Microdom includes all:  the living area, the workplace, area for rest and leisure, as well as the farming of animals - chickens, ducks, bees; growing plants that give oxygen, herbs, vegetables in the greenhouse or setting up an orchard.