Letovo Schoolcampus, Moscow, Russia

Letovo, the dream came true

Letovo School is a special school for gifted and motivated children aged 12 to 17. An idea to create the school came from entrepreneur and philanthropist Vadim Moshkovich: ‘My dream was to offer talented children from all over the country access to high-quality education, regardless of their parents’ financial means. This school makes it possible for them to continue their studies at the 10 best universities in the country or at one of the top 50 universities in the world.’

New high school campus for 1000 students in southwest Moscow, including boarding facilities for 500 students, teachers residence 100 apartments, and huge outdoor sport facilities.

Address project
  • Street + number: Zimenkovskaya street, Sosenskoye settlement, Moscow, Russia
  • City: Moscow
  • Country: Russia
  • Total campus area: 20 ha
  • Gross Floor area school: 20.000m²
  • Gross Floor area boarding : 10.000m²
  • Gross Floor area teachers residence: 9.000m²
  • Start design: October 2014
  • Start construction: September 2015
  • Completion date: August 2018
  • Opening: September 1018
Project team competition atelier PRO
  • Project architects Dorte Kristensen, Pascale Leistra, Karho Yeung
  • Design team Thijs Klinkhamer, Abel de Raadt, Alessia Topolnyk
Project team
  • Architecture: Atelier PRO architects
  • Russian co-architect: Atrium architectural studio, Moscow
  • Interior Design: Atelier PRO, Thijs Klinkhamer in cooperation Nadia Fedotova Moscow
  • Landscape Designer: Buro Sant en Co landscape architecture, the Hague
  • Name: Letovo
  • Website: en.letovo.ru
  • Contact: Alexey Krasnoselskiy Letovo This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Why Brick?

Landscape-inspired design, shape and brickworks Located in Novaya Moskva, southwest of Moscow, the campus sits atop a beautiful plot of land that slopes down to a forest-lined river. Distinctive level variations were applied in and around the school to integrate the architecture into the landscape.

The shape of the large complex brings it down to a human scale for the children: the building appears to dance across the landscape due to its dynamic design. Due to the perspective effect one only ever sees part of the building's full size when walking around, which gives the impression of a refined scale. The building’s contours and flowing curves create surprising indoor and outdoor spaces as well.

To accentuate this curved shapes and to have the building blend into the landscape brick seemed a rather obvious choice. The natural ingredients of brick such as clay, sand water, air and fire gives the school building a natural setting as if the building has been there endlessly. Brick with its solid and sturdy exposure. We choose a sandy light colored brick so in all wheather circumstances it will have a warm glance.  


Letovo School Moscow, level 0 garden level

Letovo School Moscow, level 1 entrance level

Letovo School Moscow, level 2

Letovo School Moscow. Section A

Letovo School Moscow. Section B

Educational Building
  • Central hub, 1000 persons
  • Auditorium, 200 persons
  • Debating room, 50 persons
  • 40 classrooms
  • 3 recreational zones
  • 5 library spaces
  • 9 sciencelabs
  • Exposition / green house
  • Canteen, 500 persons
  • Big sports hall
  • Small sports hall
  • Swimming pool
  • Martial arts
  • 2 spaces fitness

5 studentent houses for 500 students

3 teacher apartment blocks

Campus site
  • Soccer field
  • Stade for athletics
  • Tennis courts
  • Baseball fields
  • Green house
  • Orchad

The heart of the school: the central hub

The central hub is the place where day-to-day life at the school unfolds. This flexible, transformable space will be used throughout the day as an informal meeting place. The dance studio on the ground floor can be transformed through a few simple adjustments into a theatre with a stage, a cosy living room or an auditorium that can accommodate 1,000 people for special events such as graduation ceremonies and large celebrations, as seen at the grand opening. This central hub connects the building’s three wings: the art wing, the south wing with science- and general-use rooms and the sports wing.

Learning environment with a diversity in working spaces

Letovo envisioned an innovative and modern take on existing education in Russia. In the spatial design, this perspective translates into space for theoretical education as well as special areas for group work and independent study in the tapered building wings. In the library wing there are silence spaces workshop spaces and a debating room. These are all supportive to the student’s personal development.  

Sports programme

In addition to the extended sports outdoor facilities, the indoor supply of sports facilities is substantial. These cover fitness rooms, martial arts rooms, a swimming pool, a small and a large sports hall. Around the sports hall there’s an indoor running track which can be used throughout the year. It is available to school staff and external users as well.

The interior, also designed by atelier PRO, is tailored to the aims of the ambitious programme. The design of the interior also focuses extensively on the various spaces where students can go to chill and meet up with friends. The extreme cold in this area makes the school’s indoor atmosphere important for relaxation.

Ambitous learning environment

The Russian client has established a private, non-profit school which aims to be the most prestigious school in the country and to offer the best educational programme through a Russion and an IB (International Baccalaureate) curriculum. Students’ personal development is paramount, with the school adopting a holistic approach. It is a true learning environment that provides scope for a range of disciplines, areas of interest and recreational opportunities to foster children’s development. This aim is supported by the campus facilities and functions.


In December of 2016 the architectural project of school was awarded by Architectural Council of Moscow as the best project in the sphere of education and health care.