Life is an open book... Brad Spencer, the Sculptor

" I studied painting and sculpture in college where I received a BFA and MFA 1976-1983. In the late 80’s a friend and salesman for a local brick company showed me some brochures of brick sculpture that was being created out west. I began experimenting with the medium. The brick company, Boren Brick in Pleasant Garden, NC, became interested in offering brick sculpture as a product/service and set up a studio for me at the brick plant. The sales staff would get me commissions and brick became the most prevalent medium for my sculpture business. After 2 years I set up my own studio and became a freelance sculptor for any brick company who requested my services.

CVS Pharmacy, Downtown Greenville, SC

From the time I was a child I loved to draw. I was also interested in art history, particularly from the Renaissance. It wasn’t until college that I began experimenting with sculpture. Combining my experience in drawing and 3-dimensional sculpture was a perfect fit for doing relief brick sculpture. I became interested in early examples of relief sculpture from ancient civilizations like the Ishtar Gates of Babylon. My wife and I were involved in mission, construction projects in southern Mexico and made 9 trips there. During that time I was inspired by the relief sculpture adorning the 7 Mayan ruin sites we visited. I believe the work of modern brick sculptors is a continuation of what ancient civilization sculptors were achieving on the public buildings and temples of their time.
My wife Tammy is my partner in life and business. She is extremely skilled in sculpting the “finishing touches” of the finest details. She also takes care of the office work that is crucial for any business.

“Meet Me at the Square” Market Square Park, Reidsville, NC

After working with the brick medium for several years, I began experimenting with freestanding brick sculpture to explore the limitations of the medium. This allowed me to create 3-dimensional public art projects independent of other architecture. Because my freestanding projects are the most unusual and perplexing, I get frequent inquiries and responses from all over the world about these works.
I am also a musician and repair stringed musical instruments. If I wasn’t a sculptor I suppose I would do something related to the music as a career."

Fire Station, Pleasant Garden, NC

Eppes Memorial, Greenville, NC

Courthouse, Wentworth, NC