Thanks to Vandersanden there is finally a perfect way to combine modern architecture with traditionally laid brick. Vandersanden Group has developed Zero®, the patented brick without visible joints that is laid in the standard way with mortatr and trowel. The Zero® brick have a special recess on the top into which mortar can be applied in the traditional way.Moreover, the ratio between the length and width of the brick is ideal for laying brick in a half-brick bond. This clever design means that Zero® brick can be laid quickly and easily.... read more


Signa consists of a weather-resistant Rockpanel® and a composition of Vandersanden brick slips which is adhesively bonded. The panels are produced for you ready-to-use, which can give your projects a unique and striking look. Signa as an innovative facade cladding system gives a whole new dimension to brick as a facade cladding. It offers many possibilities for exclusive projects, high-rise buildings or other architectural projects. You can play with relief, colour, format, brickwork bond and create your own design with expressive facades that fully highlight the character of brick. Thanks to Signa, you can get either... read more