46-09 Eleventh St / GF 55 Partners

46-09 Eleventh St / GF 55 Partners

  • 46-09 Eleventh St / GF 55 Partners
  • 46-09 Eleventh St / GF 55 Partners


46-09 Eleventh St is a six-story multi-family apartment building in Long Island City, New York.


The goal was to construct a high livability, amenity rich, and contextual building that helps to elevate the neighborhood. Long Island City was rezoned from an industrial neighborhood to allow residential development. Today this vibrant area has a thriving artistic community which has inspired the design as well as the brick details of the building.

Tenants enjoy a landscaped courtyard, state-of-the art fitness center, resident parking, bike storage, and roof terrace.


Decorative elements utilizing brick include brick frames around the windows and pixelated brick patterns. This adds to the vibe of the neighborhood and interplays with the numerous galleries in the area.

Endicott Brick Manganese Ironspot Smooth Thinbrick provided the right look with its unique color and characteristics. It can appear dark, but is also reflective which lightens the building, and its appearance changes during the course of the day.

The versatility of brick made it easy to do modern interpretations of brick detailing which really elevated 46-09 Eleventh St. Depending on the time of day and lighting, the brick envelope gives this building many different looks.

Creative use of brick to appear as random pixels accentuates the entry as well as the corners of the building.

This building achieved its goal of belonging to the neighborhood while using innovative interpretations of brick detailing.

This project was originally conceived as a red brick building, but keeping in mind the technological advancements of the brick industry the final vision became a contemporary grey brick building. A key element was the quality, color and texture of the brick.
The metal detail near the main entrance draws your eye vertically, breaking down the massing for the 200 foot-long facade.

The goal was for 46-09 Eleventh St to be contextual, yet distinguished from the rest and set a high standard for the area.