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ABC Building / Wise Architecture

  • ABC Building / Wise Architecture
  • ABC Building / Wise Architecture


The ABC Building is located around Sunjung-Reung which is a beautiful park which has royal tombs of Chosun dynasty in Kang-nam area in Korea. The boastful - glaring buildings in Kang-nam block view from the site to the royal tombs park while the roof of five story building suddenly opens view to beautiful landscape of the park.


The building can be regarded as Architectural Mountain and the roof terrace as Architectural Summit . People climbs up the building by narrow exterior stair alley. These five stair alleys are cascaded like small stream falls or stepped vegetation wall garden. The passenger meets silent and beautiful sceneries from inside of bricks stair alley wall and outside from the royal tombs park to reach the top of the building.


In terms of building material, a building starts with laying a piece of brick on the ground. The black brick is the most visible material in the Building. The stair alley wall consists of a steel frame system and dry brick wall fabrication facade without traditional mortar masonry. It creates transparent experience of solid brick wall with multiple brick wall layers. A building starts with a piece of brick was completed with a piece of brick as well.



Besides of its innovative brick construction method, the potential of this building begins with its simplicity which would be represented by clear layout and building plan, and in the same materiality of the wall. Such as simple frame work or architectural consistency could be a sturdy foundation upon which to develop and contain well-being architectural aesthetic. Architecture is the construction of simplicity and the simplicity of construction, understood simultaneously.



Extra info

Site Area:
285 §ł

Building area:
163 sqm

Gross floor Area:
779 sqm

Building coverage:

Floor area ratio:

Building scope:
B1, 5F

Reinforced Concrete

Wise Architecture

Design Participation:
Junghoon Lee