Emiliano Zapata / Marcos Hagerman / HGR Arquitectos

Emiliano Zapata / Marcos Hagerman / HGR Arquitectos

  • © Diana Arnau / Emiliano Zapata / Marcos Hagerman / HGR Arquitectos
  • © Diana Arnau / Emiliano Zapata / Marcos Hagerman / HGR Arquitectos


Emiliano Zapata 167 is a six floor Housing Project with 25 units located in Eje 7 “A” Sur General Emiliano Zapata # 167, on a central neighborhood of Mexico City.

The project proposes 25 apartments between 82 and 91sqm, which are divided internally through 5 central patios. Each patio separates the common area from the private area in each apartment. These areas are connected by bridges confined by a brick lattice that helps to give privacy and ventilation to each unit.

The building functions as a single tower, having a single elevator core and an emergency staircase that flies along the entire eastern facade. Each level accommodates five apartments, which are accessed through an open corridor. The building has a lobby on the ground floor located at level +/- 0.00m, which is directly connected to the vertical circulation core. All living spaces have ventilation and natural lighting. The roof is equipped with 10 private roofgardens for the apartments of the fourth and fifth level.

To comply the 20% of free area that the city requires, five patios are accommodated at the center of the building. In each patio, a liquidambar tree was planted helping give privacy and better views to each apartment. On the other hand, on the east side, the building is separated from the surrounding houses, creating a long access courtyard.

The whole building was designed with natural and durable materials such as brick, volcanic stone and wood. The proposed vegetation is endemic and requires little maintenance. With this project we achieve that all the units have good privacy, lighting and acoustic insulation, even being next to a very busy avenue in Mexico City.



Extra info

Area: 3,504 sqm / 25 Apartaments
Drawing: Rodrigo Duran / Cocoy Arenas
Graphic Design: Leolab www.leolab.mx
Development: Ciudad Vertical www.ciudadvertical.mx