F-Coffee / Wangstudio

F-Coffee / Wangstudio

  • F-Coffee / Wangstudio
  • F-Coffee / Wangstudio
  • F-Coffee / Wangstudio


F - coffee was designed based on the basic concept of minimalism , brick , concrete ,stone floor , trees and water to create a concise and emotional space.


There are three main spatial layers, the first layer is a garden space with trees and water; the second one is a corridor with direct connection with the water and garden. The third layer is in the center, where customers can enjoy their privacy and air conditioning can be used when necessary.

Brick arches

The café’s space is made up of 24 brick arches, in which an unique visual language is used, thereby transmitting the way we focus on to create the architectural space: Using least to achieve the highest efficiency. Principal architect Le Vu Quang said " Arches help the space to reflect the gates of old castles or villages of Vietnam, providing the stable and attractive perspectives. Moreover, using arches also reduce cost and difficulties of construction process.

24 is not an exact meaning number. We just tried to create an outside façade with 3 arches for each side and the inside space with 2 arches to make views more various for customers."

We used machine-made burnt bricks, usually made at surrounding areas of project site. It is absolutely used to present the nature beauty of construction without mortar finish.



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