House K / GRAUX&BAEYENS architecten

House K / GRAUX&BAEYENS architecten

  • House K / GRAUX&BAEYENS architecten
  • House K / GRAUX&BAEYENS architecten


The property is located in a quiet, wooded area and it is built against the right neighbour. The challenging form of the plot and the orientation encourage us to look for a type of home that meets the sites conditions and also provides an architectural value. The requested program with limited living space was poured into a patio home with abundant light. By choosing this concept, the southern sun invades deep into the house.

The left neighbour is a detached house. The house is 12.70m wide at the front and is tapered and parallel to the parcel toward the rear. The roof is retracted so that the cornice is at 5.79m.

In terms of materials we’ve chosen a light brown / beige brick with black aluminium joinery. The edge and the slats in the front are materialized in white aluminium.

Why brick?

We like to use brickwork in our facades because it allows a great flexibility in our detailing, gives a certain patina and texture and forms an added value to the whole design.


Our client chooses a house with enough light and views, but with some privacy. The window openings are chosen in the privacy of the residents. Some windows are recessed so that filtered light enters through a few openings in the bricks.

At the terrace on the top floor the front is covered with white slats. These are rotated so that the west sun may fall on the terrace overlooking the forest. The privacy at the front of the building creates introverted spaces on the floor.

The living areas at the top are linked to a south facing terrace. The small terrace at the rear of the house composes the views to the wooded area, the entrance, sleeping area, bathroom and storeroom are on the ground floor.


Extra Info

Client: family K
Design: 2008-2009
Start construction: 2009-2012
Site area: 433m²
Built area: 173.5m²
Design architect: GRAUX&BAEYENS architecten
Project architect: GRAUX&BAEYENS architecten