• ©ARCHITECTSLAB studio / House V
  • ©ARCHITECTSLAB studio / House V


The site, situated next to the lake of Keerbergen (Belgium), offered the opportunity to create a design for a spacious single-family home which is mainly oriented towards the water. The concept started from the idea of a closed impression from the street, where you are guided towards the entrance by the composition of the brick walls. The front garden is designed in a way which accentuates the atmosphere and the strong image of the front facade.


When entering the house, the contrast between the solid front façade and the openness of the back facade immediately catches the eye. The large sliding windows provide an intense connection with the lake. The site has a natural inclination from the street towards the lake. This effect reoccurs in the design of the house. The square in front of building has the highest level. From here, the interior circulation axes is directed perpendicular towards the lake. All the exterior and interior spaces, located on a lower level, are connected to the axis and can be reached by going down a certain amount of stairs. The closer to the water, the lower the level gets. The central axis defines the height of the building, this means that the building is literally teared open towards the lake. The experience of the garden and the water is highlighted by the outdoors pool, which seems to flow seamlessly over into the lake.

Why brick?

Working with brick was an evident decision, since it is an honest, natural and local product. It served as the perfect tool to create an elegant composition of solid surfaces.


Because of the large glass surfaces and the sober interior, the exterior spaces determine the character and identity of the house. This principle is applied from the living spaces to the bedrooms and bathroom.