La Casa ByM / arzubialdes

La Casa ByM / arzubialdes

  • La Casa ByM / arzubialdes
  • La Casa ByM / arzubialdes


The ByM House has been built on a 10x50m plot in Rosario Metropolitan Area. Pueblo Esther, commune located next to the Paraná River, 12 km south of the main city, whose origin and development can be related to another five houses for spending time on weekends.

Over the past few years, this propensity has been modified and new constructions tend to be the houses for living permanently. The ByM house is an example of this.

Two walls

The house is configured around two exposed brick walls, built by hand, which define them, not only in the usual terms of bearing structure, but also in terms of circulation and stageability. These are two walls that, due to the arrangement of the bricks, allow the light and glances passing through them.

Building is divided and organized in two pavilions. One, attached to the east partition, which includes two small bedrooms and bathroom and another one, on the west party wall, includes living/dining room, gallery, kitchen, laundry room and (patio service through) master bedroom. The walls are fold in plan to form sheltered patios which have a function as a bare extensions of each bedroom.


The brick walls guide the visitors, thanks to their folds, allow accessing to the house from the street. The central hallway (dark, rough, single room completely finished in bare brick: walls, floor, ceiling), then to main patio, located at the bottom of the lot.


Due to the limited budget the young couple initially envisaged the possibility of building the house in two stages, leaving the two-bedroom pavilion for a later period. Finally, the house was built in its entirety during a ten month period.