New Settlement Community Campus / Dattner Architects

New Settlement Community Campus / Dattner Architects

  • New Settlement Community Campus / Dattner Architects
  • New Settlement Community Campus / Dattner Architects


The New Settlement Community Campus occupies a busy urban block at the corner of Jerome Avenue and Goble Place in the Bronx, NY. The truss and cantilever of the library over the school’s main entrance reflect elements of the elevated subway line adjacent to the school.


Overlapping systems and program, and transparency between program spaces, characterize the project. The design references the Bronx’s traditional brickwork detailing in a fresh way. The solid brickwork highlights the transparent moments of entries, windows, and glass-enclosed stairwells. The library’s truss and cantilever over the school’s main entrance references the adjacent elevated subway line.


The library cantilever shields the school’s main entrance. The interplay of massing and brickwork heightens program difference. The four-story classroom bar’s parallel accent bricks get progressively closer as they move up the building toward their parapets. The cream-colored Cunningham Silverstone Velour Utility face brick has a 57% recycled materials; The accent brick is Belden utility size No. 8x44A.

A two-story red brick commons wing parallel to Jerome Avenue and an elevated train intersects a four-story buff brick classroom wing that bends away from the street. The contrasting brick colors and course patterns distinguish the two wings. A horizontal glazed opening reveals the community center entry and opens the pool below to the neighborhood.

The red brick is Yankee Hill Light Red Velour Utility, which uses 14.4% recycled content, differentiates the 2-story volume from the four-story classroom bar. The bricks are laid in a raking stretcher bond with a 1/3 offset with alternating projecting coursing. An angled glazing system reveals the community center entrance, while a zinc panel rain-screen system highlights the gymnasium.


The outdoor

An outdoor classroom on the roof of the community center features planter boxes for earth science and urban farming classes. The space is used by the community center for group activities.

The outdoor amphitheater hardscape features a small stage and tiered seating planted with grass and plantings to absorb rainwater runoff and provide visual and acoustic separation. The space is used by the school and the community center and facilitates active and passive programs.


Extra info

Designed by Dattner Architects with Edelman Sultan Knox Wood Architects

172,000 sf


Settlement Housing Fund
New York City School Construction Authority
New York City Department of Education

Boston Society of Architects – Educational Facilities Awards
Society of American Registered Architects, National Council – Silver Award
Society of American Registered Architects, New York Council – Award of Honor
Society of American Registered Architects, Pennsylvania Council