NoXX Apartment / CM Mimarlik

NoXX Apartment / CM Mimarlik

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NoXX Apartment is located in a narrow dead end in Cihangir, a bohemian historical district of Istanbul, Turkey. Due to the location of the Project and the short timing for construction, conventional construction techniques seem unattainable, therefore a steel structure apartment building is designed with an industrial sensibility and as a homage to the rare standing structures from early century typical of the area.


The underground levels of the building are reinforced concrete while the upper levels are established as steel structure. Composite structure is left visible on purpose, without using plaster, paint or any cladding material in the inside and the outside.



The building is adjacent to next building on one side, and the facade on other side must be a blind wall as well, according to regulations. This blind facade is composed of steel structure with insulation materials in between, and brick walls on both sides. Custom made bricks are designed to be placed uneven on facade in a natural pattern, giving different linear shades at different times of the day, breaking the monotony. These juts are also functioning as roosts for birds.


The Design

Front facade and rear facade are designed wide to the utmost, to capture the maximum light in, opening up to French balconies from living rooms.

Satisfying the life style and the need of the area, NoXX Apartment is composed of 7 studio flats around 60-70 m², including two attic duplex and a garden duplex. Wi-fi, fire and theft alarms are part of smart infrastructure of the building.


Why brick?

The most significant thing about the building is the brick wall facade without any plaster or cladding. Although this facade is the lateral surface of the building, it is the surface that the building expresses itself mostly, especially it is seemed from Sıraselviler Street which is the main street of Cihangir . This facade is build with brick, as a reference to region’s pattern and building materials.



Extra info

NoXX Apartment is 2014 National Architecture Awards of Turkey "Building Category" winner and shortlisted for 2014 World Architecture Festival "Residental Cetagory".

Architectural Design:
Cem Sorguc (Head Architect), Sezin Ergene, Elvan Cakıt, Tolga Yaglı, Amina Rezoug, Deniz Gezgin

Prospera Gayrimenkul

Site Area:
128,37 sqm

Building Area:
733,02 sqm

Construction Consultant:
Oguz Cem Celik

Structural Project:
Ozcihan / Akgul Muhendislik Musavirlik

Electrical Project:
Tasarım Proje

Mechanical Project:
Neva Proje