Pyrus House / ‘Snow AIDe

Pyrus House / ‘Snow AIDe

  • © Jungmin Seok - Pyrus House / ‘Snow AIDe
  • © Jungmin Seok - Pyrus House / ‘Snow AIDe


Pyrus House was started from the desire of home theater. The client determined to go to suburban area of Ansung City, where is 80Km away from the central Seoul. Ansung is famous for pear production. A pear orchard is adjoined about 2M below the east side of the site. The condition of the site is a linear pattern from south to north and approaching road is parallel to the westward side of the site.


The client couple and a son will live in this house and his grandmother will stop from time to time. The main concern of design is to define a relation between home theater and other programs. Because vibration and sound could disturb whole house, it should be independent and related at the same time. The required size of the home theater is 5m in width and 7m in length at least and effect of natural light should be minimized.


Our strategy was placing the home theater parallel and below the road. Other spaces embrace it at various distances. Windowless wall of the home theater keeps the house private from the road. Since it is semi underground space, a sunken deck was adjoined for ventilation and natural light.

From the narrow entrance hall, the space between upper level master zone and lower level home theater is dramatically exposed to high ceiling and dark mass of Master zone is floating over dining space, where is open to pear orchard view. The child's room on upper level has high ceiling with attic space, where is his secret playground. Open gate guide to family room. It is open to mountain views to the north and east side while overlooking in between space. Narrow corridor leads to open master bathroom and master bedroom.


Extra info

Architect in Charge:
Hohyun Park

Design Team:
Suyoung Ko, Jinsung Joo, Jaehyun Bong

Site Area:

Gross Floor Area:

Building Area:

Gross Floor Ratio:

Building Coverage Ratio:

Building Scope:
2story Building, 1story Basement


Exterior Finishes:
Black Zinc, Blue Stone, Stucco

Duration of Design:
2014.07 ~ 2014.10

Duration of Construction:
2014.10 ~ 2015.03