Ro House / Alexanderson Arquitectos

Ro House / Alexanderson Arquitectos

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The land where the project is located is a private residential zone with very specific regulations. The architectural approach allows an uneven distribution squad that offers service areas across the boundaries of the land, allowing a free flow and generating one of the major elements in the house; the central courtyard, which is presented as the heart of the home. Alongside this architectural approach, the vocation of the land and its relation to the immediate context at the edge of a ravine, can generate an internal distribution where there is a clear separation between public and private areas, each in a different wing of the ground floor.


Outwardly, the house appears as a defined horizontal volume, which rises 60 cm over the street flush. In addition, the detailed arrangement of the brick wall that forms a lattice, accentuates the horizontal and defines a permeable volume that fills the inner space through strong effects of natural light. The architectural program is adapted to the topography and solves the distribution of the residence in two levels, with the upper floor access and service areas, and downstairs the social and private areas. Of note is the shift in the volume of the social area downstairs so that the exterior corridors seize the gap and unite with the ravine. At the access level, the garage, paint studio and terrace are located. By using apparent brick the character of this space is defined by creating a clear distinction between the outside and inside. Likewise, the use of lattices generates unique gardens and a set of lights and shadow, defining an enriching spatial experience, as well as visuals carefully framed causing different looks outwards. The private areas, such as bedrooms, living room, dining room, kitchen and TV studio are distributed around the central courtyard on the lower level, setting every time a connection to the outer space and nature.


This is how the topography and location on the site are the qualities that allow Casa RO, the integration with its context in a subtle but definite way, achieving thus a great architectural and spatial depth. The main reason for this residence is the vision of two sides of the same way of living, one side is the seduction of the top floor of brick the user enters the project, and the other side is more generic but very well designed for a most private of everyday experience, but in constant contact with outer space.


Extra info

Project and Construction:
Pablo Alexanderson Silva

Project Area:
483.0 m2

Project Year:

José Luis Hernández, Jessica Magaña, Gloria López, Manuel Moreno, Agustín Cuevas