Saint-Camillus / Stramien cvba

Saint-Camillus / Stramien cvba

  • Saint-Camillus / Stramien cvba
  • Saint-Camillus / Stramien cvba

A master plan redesigning an existing building – with an assisted living site in the middle. The large green area is unique for the city centre


The current assisted living site Sint-Camillus is located in the interior of the building on the Markgravelei. The green inner area is a remnant of the old monastery. Even though the monastery disappeared, it left its historical mark. The master plan aims to connect this garden with the surrounding streets in several spots, thus converting the green area from an almost private garden into an open, accessible green area for the entire neighbourhood.


The plan includes an expansion of the existing nursing home in two places. The Sint-Norbertus building facing the street is replaced by a new wing with 45 rooms. A second expansion is constructed in the inner area and refers to the historical mark left by the old monastery. A patio connects to the old cloister and the existing chapel, which thus regains a central place in the complex.

The inner edges are filled with smaller buildings, autonomous residential units which border the inner area without spoiling its open feel. Part of the building consists of assisted living apartments which have a clear link to the nursing home.


The green park area connects the volumes and is maintained as much as possible. Cars remain on the outside of the building complex. Parking lots can be found underground. In a next phase, the redevelopment of the university college buildings in the Van Schoonbekestraat can become an integral part of the project.

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GasthuisZusters Antwerpen GZA

2,610 m²

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