Villa S / RAVN Arkitektur

Villa S / RAVN Arkitektur

  • Villa S / RAVN Arkitektur
  • Villa S / RAVN Arkitektur


Villa S is the home of a family of four. The house is beautifully situated at the top of a steep site, sloping towards the icy blue fjord.

The house is designed so that the interior and exterior architecture mirrors the naturally sloping terrain on site. The changing levels of the horizontal roofs reflects the changing levels on the interior.


What makes Villa S stand out is the attention paid to the detailing of the masonry of the exterior facades. The plinth of the exterior walls is made of brick are as the sills by the windows.

In order to ensure that the bedrooms towards of the back of the house also have an uninterrupted view across the fjord, the masonry adjacent to the windows has been inclined towards the water.

On the larger exterior walls every other course is recessed, adding further details to the exterior of the house.

Why brick?

The clients specifically asked for their new home to be built using handmade bricks. They asked for a warm reddish yellow tone, hoping that the rustic feel of the bricks would suit the look of the neighbouring houses.

Given the location at the top of a sloping hill and the proximity to the fjord, the facades of the house are highly exposed to both heavy winds and salty water. Bricks were an obvious choice of material to stand against the elements – as they require a minimum of maintenance. Over time the bricks will age and patinate beautifully.
The resulting architecture is modern yet reminiscent of a time gone by. The bricks help to create a modern home that will stand the test of time.


The house is split into three main levels.

The basement is used for storage, a small workshop and a garage with room for two cars.

The main living rooms, including a large family kitchen, living room and dining room are located on the ground floor. From here you have a full 180 degree panorama view across the water.

The heart of the home is the atrium-like dining room with its high ceilings and stunning views. A minimalist floating staircase leads to the upper level, where the family’s bedrooms are located.

The interior of the house has been designed with a focus on creating a juxtaposition between the qualities and textures of the materials used. There is a distinctive contrast between the rustic brick walls, smooth concrete elements and warm timber floors. The result is a raw and honest look.


Extra Info

Size: 638m²
Completed: 2019