Concave brick façade by KdV architectuur with collaboration of Vandersanden

If you take a look on the project De Cammeleur in Dongen, The Netherlands, created in a collaboration between KdV architectuur and Vandersanden, you are going to find the point where do the bricks and architects imagination contributes into the expressive and unusual building.

„The curved façade marks a technical masterpiece of prefabricated building elements. The façade is composed of one story high elements, made up of a self-supporting acoustic inner wall and a thermal, outer brick wall part that carefully form the rounded curves of the ‘Pavilion’. Even the ‘freestone’ windowsills are an integral part of these façade elements."

"Brick provides a sustainable and natural material. The surrounding built environment of the Cammeleur exists of stately villas of former factory owners in Dongen (shoe- and leather industry). These villas are built up of a rich combination of brickwork, alternated with freestone facade tapes. In an entirely new way our curved brick wall connects with these traditions. In this way the Cammeleur, very naturally blends in with its surroundings.”