House in Los Molinos / BIAGIONI_PECORARI Arquitectos

House in Los Molinos / BIAGIONI_PECORARI Arquitectos

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In an area of 30 x 30 meters in a closed neighborhood, we were commissioned a weekend house for a family of parents and three children.

With a limited budget, the project strategy was conceived in two stages: in the first it works as a house with swimming pool for the day and in the second, with the addition of the bedrooms, to spend full seasons.


The linear layout defines a closed facade to the south toward the street, and an open facade to the north toward the park, enjoying the privacy given by the volume of the house, with the garage-gallery as a place of transition in connection with the BBQ and the kitchen-dining-living space, framing views to a preexisting large oak at the back of the lot.

A roof with a single slope gives continuity to the interior space projected to the outside, and allows the drainage of rain from the south and the seasonal fall of leaves and flowers from the trees.


An exposed brick wall dilutes the idea of interior-exterior. The walls of the expansion will be built on the footprint of the current stage, and the paint will clear the coupling of both stages. We work with few materials that with simplicity and forcefulness enhance the spatial quality of the house.



Extra info

Private House

Project Area:
180 m2


Project and Site Management:
Arq. Gabriel Biagioni, Arq. Sergio Pecorari

Arq. Ma. Virginia Aranda, Ramiro Sosa

Ing. Rudy Grether, Ing. Fernanda Carrasco