DE ARK / Architecten Groep III

DE ARK / Architecten Groep III

  • DE ARK / Architecten Groep III
  • DE ARK / Architecten Groep III
  • DE ARK / Architecten Groep III

General description

Primary school ‘De Ark’ is housed in an old monastery. Over time several renovations and extensions were added to this historic building before Architecten Groep III was assigned to develop a vision for the school on the longer term. To give an answer to the duality of the asked functions, the existing infrastructure and organization had to change drastically.

Before After


On the one hand the school has to be able to cope with a fast growth of pupils On the other hand the school has to function as a social platform for the community life of Oekene. A new volume is realized with an infant department and an indoor playground realizing a transparent connection between the new volume and the existing school.

Sports hall

The new sports hall is located on the edge of the site, this to relieve the site of the school and to facilitate polyvalent use with new sports infrastructure planned for the future.

Durable character

Because of the durable character the choice is made to construct a building in dark stacked bricks. The windows are colorful accents because of the angled panels at the sides of the windows. To generate a more dynamic volume, a few bites are taken out of the volume, also these cut-out spaces have a colored finishing. The brick building is embraced by a slim, playful canopy creating a protected playground for the kids.



Drawings & Plans

Extra info

Scholengroep Arkorum

2012 – 2015


Design team:
Project architect: Lien Vansteenkiste

Architecten Groep III


Structural engineer:

M&E engineer:
Stabitec Technieken

Surface area:
3.600 m²