House HEN / Enplus Architecten

House HEN / Enplus Architecten

  • House HEN / Enplus Architecten
  • House HEN / Enplus Architecten
  • House HEN / Enplus Architecten


This 3-facade house is located on a somewhat remote road. The shape of the building plot led us to organizing the outdoor spaces (terrace and pool) in front of the house. Hence, the back of the house is standing on the boundary, where you can enjoy a wide view over the fields behind.


Starting at the level of the street, the design is conceived to be gradually discovered.

At first, one only sees the gateway. This brick volume forms a barrier to the private areas. The entrance leads to an enclosed courtyard with terrace and pool. The brick volume also functions as a garden pavilion or pool house.

Finally, you find the house erected in the same mix of bricks to create a uniformity and dialogue between the two.

Volumetry & openings

The volumetry and openings in the house result out of the fact that an architect, just like a sculptor, starts from quite a massive volume and subsequently takes away material to create voids and sightlines. To strenghten this idea, the brickwork was even used as a flooring material, so the contours of the volume remain tangible.


For Enplus Architecten, working with different textures is an essential part of our architecture.

In dialogue with the client, a mix of five different bricks was chosen to be used in a random bond. The brown hues take the upper hand and are in perfect harmony with the environment.

Here and there the masonry is accentuated by yellow and pink bricks and even irregularly forms to bring even more texture!


Extra info

Nicolas Blondeel, Severine De Love, Jo Chielens

Studio Claerhout


Net surface: