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  • Fritz Höger Prize 2017: Winner Silver in the category "Newcomer"
    'Seminar building for pastoral care' by TS VIZ The Vogelsang site has gone through major changes over the past century. From being an untouched and idyllic Eifel mountain ridge to usage as a Nazi training facility „Ordensburg Vogelsang“ and finally using it as an international military training area. In order to process the complex history of this place the region is being transformed into an educational exchange… read more
  • Roly
    Bruno Erpicum / AABE I’ve always paid a lot of attention to detail so that I can make the most of techniques available and really bring out proportions. But there’s something else that’s recently begun to influence my approach: after five or ten years, many modern constructions that were initially pristine lose their brilliance. And so I decided to turn more and more to materials that wouldn’t… read more
  • Bricks of the Future
    Brick of the Future presents the results of three ‘design through making’ studios at the Amsterdam Academy of Architecture. Students designed and made new bricks produced with less energie or material, recycled materials and stacked or assembled the bricks innovatively. Each studio is a coöperation with a Dutch brickfactory: Den Daas in Azewijn, Zilverschoon in Randwijk and StoneCycling-St.Joris in Beesel. Brick of the future encourages the thinking… read more