Toldy High School Gymnasium / Földes Architects

Toldy High School Gymnasium / Földes Architects

  • Toldy High School Gymnasium / Földes Architects
  • Toldy High School Gymnasium / Földes Architects


The time-honored brick building of the Toldy High School was built on the slope of the Castle Hill in 1859 in neo-gothic style. The neighbouring plot was designated for the extension of the school with a gymnasium.


The new building consists of four functional units: gymnasium, lobby, changing rooms, medical wing. The gymnasium is hidden underground with a roof garden and glass skylights, thus offering a sunny and bright atmosphere. The lobby is a two-storey trapezoid space serving as grandstand at the same time.
The pitched-roof side of the building, comprising offices, the changing rooms and the staircase, is inherently integrated to the attached row of the neighbouring houses. Due to the sloping terrain the main entrance is situated on the ground floor but the backyard entrance is on the first floor. The medical room is placed in a wing by the right side of the backyard entrance, forming the wall of the small inside yard.

As the slope is steep and the neighbouring houses are very near we applied refined civil engineering technologies. A combination of a wall of piles, a drainage system and monolithic concrete units ensures the stability of the neighbouring buildings and the flow of the ground-water. The load-bearing system of the house is monolithic concrete.



The cladding of the building is „Röben” hand-made brick. Brick surfaces dominate inside as well similarly to the old main building of the high school. Klinker brick has been used with recessed pointing. Ceilings are made of naked concrete. The inside walls are rendered. The roofs are made of anthracite grey roman tiles. The doors and windows are made of wood. The sports flooring has been imported from Sweden: the flexibility of the Tarkett flooring safeguards students’ articulations.

The lion-shape door handle of the time-honored main building’s gate grew symbolic during the last century. Any former and actual student of „the Toldy” can remember the touch of this copper handle. Jozsef Nagy, designer created a resembling lion-shape handle for the door of the gymnasium. Our intention with this gesture was to foster the integration of the different age buildings and the surrounding Castle Hill’s atmosphere.


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