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  • Tagh Behesht by Rvad Studio
    The project’s primary design methodology began with an investigation of architectural history of bazaars in Iran and the city of Mash-had. Since time immemorial, the unbreakable bond between the city bazaars and the foundations of the economy has led to bazaars taking on an important and consistent role in people’s daily lives. The principal morphology of the design is inspired by bazaars such as Sar-Shoor, Farsh and… read more
  • Bricks in the office interior design. SEMBA VIETNAM OFFICE by SEMBA VIETNAM
    How to achieve a cozy and comfortable atmosphere in the office? We know the answer – the cornerstone of any interior is the right choice of the materials. Bricks are the perfect solution in this question. It is always a good choice: eco-friendly, durable and long-lasting material for interiors. A project SEMBA VIETNAM OFFICE by Mamoru Maeda is an adorable example of using the bricks: “We decided… read more
    DESIGNED IN 1952-54 LOCATION: Finland, Jyväskylä Hugo Alvar Henrik Aalto (3 February 1898 – 11 May 1976) was the most powerful and significant Finnish architect and designer. 200 out 500 buildings was designed by Alvar Aalto have been built. He worked mostly in International Style Modernism, where he combined functionality, atmosphere, simplycity and even national, cultural identity. As Sigfried Giedion mentioned : "Finland is with Aalto wherever… read more