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  • Concave brick façade by KdV architectuur with collaboration of Vandersanden
    If you take a look on the project De Cammeleur in Dongen, The Netherlands, created in a collaboration between KdV architectuur and Vandersanden, you are going to find the point where do the bricks and architects imagination contributes into the expressive and unusual building. „The curved façade marks a technical masterpiece of prefabricated building elements. The façade is composed of one story high elements, made up of… read more
  • Augmented reality. New technology to achieve complex tasks in building construction.
    Fologram developed a new system that helps to avoid the errors and eliminate complicated drawings. This is a step-by-step guide that provides bricklayers with digital instructions with visualisation superimposed to the workspace. There has been a workshop in the University of Tasmania, where the students and staff have been working in teams to build a full scale dry stacked brick wall. „The University of Tasmania, Architecture and… read more
  • Your next home could be built by robots
    Developed by New York-based company Construction Robotics, SAM100 (Semi-Automated Mason) a bricklaying robot SAM is ready and willing to lay 3,000 bricks per day, while a human lays in average around 500 bricks per day. It’s made up of a conveyor-belt, mortar pump and robotic arm. A bricklaying robot called SAM100 (Semi-Automated Mason) that builds walls six times faster than a human bricklayer. As instance, Flex Lab… read more
  • Letovo Schoolcampus, Moscow, Russia
    Letovo, the dream came true Letovo School is a special school for gifted and motivated children aged 12 to 17. An idea to create the school came from entrepreneur and philanthropist Vadim Moshkovich: ‘My dream was to offer talented children from all over the country access to high-quality education, regardless of their parents’ financial means. This school makes it possible for them to continue their studies at… read more
  • Bricks as a powerful medium of communication in art
    Thousands of art projects have been made out of common industrial materials, but we choose the most expressive ones assembled using bircks. Here we represented a few of our favoutire art-brickworks. The shortlist begins with an artwork Equivalent VIII made by Carl Andre in 1966. Carl Andre, Equivalent VIII, 1966 MEDIUM: Firebricks DIMENSIONS: 127 x 686 x 2292 mm David Bourdon describes the artwork: „For his second… read more