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  • Clay Brick Association of South Africa
    Clay Brick Association of South Africa We are pleased to inform our users that the group of our partners has been joined by the Clay Brick Association of South Africa. "The Clay Brick Association of South Africa expands awareness, knowledge and support for clay brick masonry. It's goal is to ensure that local property owners achieve long life, good value and sustained performance from brick walling and… read more
  • Winners of Fritz Höger Preis 2017 on
    The Fritz Höger Preis 2017 award ceremony was held in Berlin on 6th October2017. It is a commonly acclaimed, one of the most notable accolades in brick architecture. In last year edition of the competition, the contestants submitted 600 designs and the winners were eventually chosen by the parel of judges. We are very glad to inform that many of the awarded designs have already been displayed… read more
  • Fritz Höger Prize 2017: Winner Silver in the category "Newcomer"
    'Seminar building for pastoral care' by TS VIZ The Vogelsang site has gone through major changes over the past century. From being an untouched and idyllic Eifel mountain ridge to usage as a Nazi training facility „Ordensburg Vogelsang“ and finally using it as an international military training area. In order to process the complex history of this place the region is being transformed into an educational exchange… read more